Understand what Facebook ads marketing in 2021 is?

Facebook ads are a big market that can help you grow your business. But before discussing this, let us first understand how advertising started.

Advertising came into existence in the 17th century, with the first commercials printed in London’s weekly newspapers. It gradually developed from TV commercials to hoarding on roads and to today’s digital advertising. Facebook advertising provides an extensive range of audiences to businesses. It provides a platform to create brand awareness, reach potential customers, generate traffic and leads for the website, etc.

Here you will learn about,

  • What is Facebook ad marketing?
  • Why should you use Facebook for advertising?
  • Facebook vs. Google Adwords
  • How does a Facebook ad look like?
  • What to use to post Facebook ads?
  • What is the FB advertising structure?
  • What is a Facebook pixel?
  • How to create an Ad Campaign on Facebook Ads Manager?

What is Facebook ad marketing?

Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion active users on its social media platform. Digital marketers or business owners need to leverage this opportunity to create brand awareness or reach a wider audience using Facebook. The ads posted on this social media platform of Facebook for various goals are called Facebook ads.

If you target the apt audience for your product or services, you get a chance to get great results from this medium of advertising.

Facebook also helps you target the desired audience by constantly collecting its users’ data, like which pages they are visiting, what posts they read, what messages they share, and so on.

Why should you use Facebook for advertising?

The first and most crucial reason you should consider is the size of Facebook. It has more than a billion active users who use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family. They spend almost more than 30 minutes every day on Facebook.

Small business owners can get a better advantage when advertising their product or service on Facebook. Say, for example, you are a home baker, you can reach a wider audience interested in eating home bakes from you. So if you advertise your sales can increase.

When considering the cost factor, if used effectively, it can be way cheaper than Google Adwords.

Facebook vs. Google Adwords

Facebook Ads are outbound marketing mediums, i.e., the ads are shown irrespective of whether the user is looking for the product or service you have to offer. At the same time, Google Adwords is an inbound marketing medium. Here, the ads are shown to only those searching to buy or get information about the product or service you have to offer.

Leads obtained from Google Adwords are of better quality as they are already searching for your product or service, unlike Facebook.

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Facebook ads, when compared, reach a larger audience at a lesser price if the campaign uses custom conversion ads using the Facebook pixel.

Facebook ads serve as social media proof of your presence in the market. The viewers can like, comment, or share your ad too. If some Facebook users find it suitable and share it with their friends, it will allow you to reach more audiences without spending.

You can build Facebook ads using text, images, videos, carousels, or a combination to attract more audience. There is a Call To Action like “Learn more,” Sign-up,” and many more at the end of each ad.

Facebook also makes a lot of user data available to you to narrow your target audience’s scope so that the conversions are higher.

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How does a Facebook ad look like?

In every Facebook ad, you will find a primary text and a description to give the viewers some information. You also provide a headline displayed at the bottom of the image or video posted as part of this ad. You also need to mention the URL of the website or the page you want the Facebook user to reach when they click on the CTA button.

what is Facebook Ad marketing

Facebook provides more than 15 placement options to choose from to increase the visibility of the ad. It can be shown as part of your news feed that the user views. The only difference this post is offered as Sponsored, i.e., it is a paid ad. Below is an ad posted by Google to promote Google Adwords among Facebook users. Isn’t it interesting?

What to use to post Facebook ads?

Facebook provides a user-friendly interface called Facebook Ads manager to post your Facebook ads. You can use your personal or business account to manage all the campaigns on Facebook Ads Manager.

Before posting any ad on Facebook, the user needs to be an admin of a Facebook page created to display their products or service.

You can post ads for your product or service or post for your clients to promote their business. The below picture shows how Facebook Ad Manager looks like.

Facebook Ad Manager

What is the FB advertising structure?

When you are creating an ad, you need to create a campaign first. The campaign needs to be made keeping a goal in mind. The goal could be lead generation, driving traffic to the website, the sale of a product or service that you have, and so on. Each campaign can have multiple Ad sets. You can create multiple ad sets to target a different type of audience. Every ad set can have multiple Ad units running in them.

Facebook Advertising structure

What is a Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is unique to every account. It is a series of 15 numbers. It helps Facebook can track the page and get details about website visitors. This whole information is collected to create a custom audience or lookalike audience for our Ads, i.e.; it will help us show the ads to those who have already visited our page. Running ads using a custom audience or lookalike audience will help us get better conversions.

Every account will have one pixel used for any webpage whose information needs to be collected. Similarly, you will get one pixel to track the data of users visiting your app. It implies that you will have to use the same pixel to track visitors’ activities visiting any of your page or app.

To use a Facebook pixel, you need to copy the Javascript code in the head section of your website or landing page. If you are using CMS tools like WordPress, you have different plugins to copy the Javascript code in the head part of all the pages without coding knowledge.

How to create an Ad Campaign on Facebook Ads Manager?

The ad you create on Facebook Ads Manager will run on Facebook and Instagram(a sister entity of Facebook).

To create an Ad campaign, follow the below steps.

  1. Click on Create button. It will then allow you to select the ad campaign’s goal that you wish to create.

You can select from the below goals:

Facebook Ad Goal setting

  • Brand awareness: When you want people to know about your brand
  • Reach: More people will be able to see your ad
  • Traffic: This will help in diverting the viewers towards your webpage or app, or desired destination.
  • Engagement: This will get you more likes or share for your page or comments on your post.
  • App installs: It will show the ad to the users who will possibly install your app.
  • Video ads: It will show Facebook users video ads.
  • Lead generation: It will help you gather leads for your business
  • Messages: It will increase users’ number that will send you messages directly using Facebook or Instagram messenger.
  • Conversions: It will help you show your ad to people who are most likely to get converted.
  • Catalog Sales: Here, you will use the target audience to display ads containing items or products you are selling.
  • Store Traffic: It will show the ad to people who are more likely to visit your physical store.
  1. Click on Next to create a new Ad Set. Give a name to the newly created Ad set. While making the Ad set, you also need to set the Daily Ad budget or Lifetime Ad budget. Also, you would need to schedule the start and end date for running the Ads.

Facebook Ad Set Creation

Facebook Budget and Date Settings

You will also get options to create your target audience based on location, age, gender, demographics, interest, and behaviour.

Say, for example, you can select India’s location; it will imply that this ad is shown to the Indian audience. If you choose the age range as 18-45, it will be delivered to only people under this age category. It will help you define the audience you feel will respond to your ad and be your potential customers. You can save this audience set for future use. You will get several other options to optimize your Facebook ad for better results.

You also get an option to decide the placement, i.e., where you want to place the Ad on the Facebook page.

You can also check the amount you spend on each visitor using a cost control option on this page. Click Next to create an Ad Unit inside this Ad Set.

  1. Now, give a name to the Ad. Link it to the desired Facebook page and Instagram account. You can create the ad from any given format,

facebook Ad creation window

  • Single image or video: Here, you can use any one image or video to create your ad.
  • Carousel: Here, you have any option to use more than one image or video while creating the ad.
  • Collection: Here, you can use a group of items that will open to a whole window experience on mobiles.

Then you can add the creatives that you will be using for the Ad. It is uploaded from your laptop or desktop, or Google drive. You also have an option to use the free images provided in the Facebook Image library.

Also, provide the primary text, headline, description that should be displayed along with the Ad. You also have to select the destination which will be reached when someone clicks on the CTA button. It could be a website, Facebook event, or they can call you. Then select the appropriate CTA button.

Facebbok Custom Audience setting

You can track the conversions or traffic drawn to the website by ticking the Website events under the Tracking option on this page. You will have to use the active pixel associated with your account. It would also help if you mentioned the URL where this pixel had been applied and user data needs to be tracked.

Tracking event screenshot

Click on Publish to finish the setup. Once published, it will be sent for review. Also, the Ad will run only if money is added to the Facebook Ads manager. It is a pre-paid billing process. If there is an insufficient balance for the Ad to run, it will show the status as “Account Error.”

I had successfully run an ad on Facebook that helped me drive traffic to my blog. Below is the Ad copy I had created for the same.


Facebook also helps us generate reports that can help us understand the performance of any ad. Below is the report of how my ad performed on Facebook.

Facebook Traffic Ad Report

Let me quickly explain what these terms mentioned in the report mean to you.

  • Campaign Name: It gives the name of the campaign whose report is generated.
  • Results: It will give you how many people have clicked the CTA button and visited your website in this case.
  • Reach: It tells us how many people have seen the Ad.
  • Impression: It tells us the total no of times Facebook users see the ad.
  • Cost per result: It tells us what is the average cost that you pay per click.
  • Frequency: It tells us the number of times a particular Facebook user has seen your ad.
  • Landing page views: It will tell the number of times the user has reached your destined webpage when clicked on the link.
  • Cost per landing page: It is the average cost of viewing your landing page.
  • Post engagement: It will tell you the total no of actions taken by users after viewing your ad.

I have shared brief information about what a Facebook ad is and how to create a campaign for your business. For any questions, you can ask them in the comments section, and I will try answering them.

Do share your views about the article to help me get better with writing.

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