I am Komal Beria, a freelance content writer working for multiple clients.

I was always a topper in my schooling days. Being the first 10th batch of our school, I was also awarded the Best Student award.
The school invited me to the felicitation ceremony organized by my school. Toppers from other branches joined in. Their presence made me realize that there is a lot more to achieve. So I started working even harder and secured admission to a top college in Mumbai.

As a teenager, I always wanted to start earning myself. My only motivation to start early was to be capable of gifting my mother a gift from my hard-earned money.
So I started early at the age of 16, way back in 2000. My first job was teaching Maths to students of class 8th in a nearby institute. I continued for almost a year there. I gained popularity among the students.

However, I needed to take a break to prepare for my Higher Secondary exams, to secure admission to a reputed Engineering college without any influence.
Those year exams came up with a surprise for all the students who wanted admission to Engineering colleges. Maharashtra government announced CET exams for engineering students. The CET exams were announced few days before our results. A shock for many, but a learning experience ultimately.

I finally made it and graduated in 2008 as an Electronics and telecommunications engineer. Even during my engineering days, I tried several hands-on opportunities. I tried working as a telemarketer and taking classes in a nearby institute, preparing video lessons for them, to name a few.

Immediately after my graduation, I was placed with a reputed IT company in 2008 through campus placement. But again, something happened that many of us would have ever thought of. The recession came in the IT industries. Companies did not even call my few friends even after they receive the offer letter.
I somehow managed to join and get a project. I spent three years as a software developer with different teams for different clients.

After spending three years as a software developer, I thought of returning to my passion of teaching. So I started teaching USA and Canada based students through online medium. I also trained several teachers with a Math program. I also created an institute to acquaint kids with logical and reasoning skills. However, it was not a big success. But it taught me several things about doing a business.

During this time, I started writing small articles. I started rereading books.
Then I wanted to combine my passion for writing with my technical knowledge. So I enrolled for a Diploma course in Technical writing(online-mode). During the course, I successfully published a few articles on eblogger.

When I finished the course, I thought I would start as a full-time Technical writer. It is then the lockdown was announced in India. Again a setback. I couldn’t understand what to do next.
Then I joined a local digital marketing agency as an Intern content writer. I completed my internship and soon started offering freelance content writing services to them.
Now I offer freelance content writing services to multiple clients.

I also continue to publish my blogs as a guest author for few websites and sharpen my knowledge to become a better freelance content writer every day.

I have also joined Digital Deepak Internship to understand Digital and Content marketing from the Digital Guru himself. During this course, I realized I needed to start my website to publish my blogs and provide content writing services to many more clients.

Now, I want to help budding content writers(who want to earn part-time or full-time) or all those who want to start their blogs(share their thoughts). As a freelance writer, I will be happy to share my learnings and experience with them.

I feel happy to share my journey from my teenage days to starting as the freelance content writer that I am now.