5 minutes to understand Content writing-For Beginners

Did you purchase your TV after reading a review on Google?

Did you get information on the latest technology on the Internet?

Did you get health advice from a fitness expert while reading their blog?

Message, Content, Keyboard, Write, Hands

These are some of the different types of content available on the Internet.

This blog is useful to everyone out there who wants to understand online content writing. It could be a student, an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, or a homemaker who is just starting.

What is content writing?

Now to begin with, what does content really mean? In simple words, content is thoughts or learnings, or experiences that you have collected while reading different books or listening/watching different videos or while talking to different people.

And when we convert all these words into a document or blog that we can publish on the Internet or other platforms, this is called “Content Writing“.

However, before we write our content, the first step would be to understand our audience that will read our content.

And then we need to research, gather, and organize our thoughts. Once we know what we need to write, we can put it in our words and share our experiences and learnings.

Through Online content writing, people learn a lot that they might be wanting to learn for a long time. Make sure the content you write adds value to your audience.

It is the most effective medium of communication.

Who is a content writer?

A content writer is a craftsman who writes his content while thinking like their audience.

A content writer needs to think about the problems/obstacles their targeted audience is facing. Then they write the content to resolve that problem.

As a content writer, you need to effectively express your opinion and knowledge to your readers, making every word count.

Top 5 types of content writing?

Content writing can be categorized into different types as

1. Blog

If you are fresher or new to content writing and want to share your thoughts, Blogging is the best option.

A blog is an effective way to share your knowledge with your readers. There is no word limit on the blog that you may write.

As a starter, you may use Medium.com Β or Blooger.com to start your blogging experience.

But if you are an entrepreneur and want to promote your business, you can use this medium effectively to generate leads. As research suggests the company that publishes a minimum of 12 blog posts every month has more customer reach than those who only publish 2-3 blog posts each month.

2. Web-content

Web-content is the content that you can see on any website. It includes content written for the

  • Home page,
  • About Me page,
  • Product/Service details page,
  • Contact page,
  • and many more.

This content is especially used to let the customers know more information about the company/service provider. As an entrepreneur, you need to be careful that precise and user-friendly information is available on your website.

The web-content that will be published will create a brand image of the company. This will let people know more about the work/service offered by the business. It is critical information that needs to be cross-verified before publishing them.

3. Social Media post

Almost all of you reading my blog might be present on either of the social media platform. As a user, many of us check the company social media presence before making any decision while buying the service/product.

The content written for these mediums like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more are called Social Media posts. As a Facebook Ad copy, Tweets, Offer Messages, and so on.

The content written on social media must be engaging and short.

It is beneficial when you promote your business on social media to generate leads that will help you get more business.

4. Sales copy

Sales copy is written to let the customer know about the product/service. It is used to highlight the features of the product offered.

An effective sales copy can help to increase sales.Β  Thus, you must understand the market needs while writing the sales copy.

Sales copy can be a single sentence or a paragraph. It can also be a few sentences that are embedded in the image file. The content should not be too descriptive but to the point.

Do check Top tools that you can use to write a perfect sales copy by Chinmaya.

5. Youtube script

Youtube is a popular medium that is used to promote a product or service. These days companies are using it to create brand awareness.

Companies hire people who can write Youtube script that can help them directly connect with their consumers.

As an individual, you may write your Youtube script to start your own Youtube channel to share your knowledge with the audience and subsequently earn money through Ad runs on Youtube.

To become good at content writing, you must read more and more books. Also, it would help if you made writing a habit.

Now with this, I have discussed briefly content writing. I hope you must have found this article useful and helped you. Hope to see you begin writing after reading this and share what you have learned with more and more people through this powerful medium called “Internet“.

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Also, I would like you to let me know the topic you want me to write next in the comments section below.




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