3 steps to discover the perfect Niche for you

When I decided that I will start writing blogs, I was confused about how to start.

I was confused about what I should write about.

There was already so much information available on the Internet for readers. It made me think, will people ever read my blog. Will I get any readers?

I think many of you might also be thinking the same. So here I am to help you to find a niche for your blog.

This blog will suggest five tips that will help you find the best niche that depicts you. Anyone who is still searching the niche to start writing should surely give this blog a read.

1.  Finding your passion

Whenever you plan to write, start with something you like to talk about with your friends and family.  It could be anything like news, Food, travel, movies, and so on.

But I find many people asking me how to find out if I am genuinely passionate about that subject or not.

For this, go down your timeline. Think of your childhood days.

Try to recall what was the thing you liked to read about. What was that thing that fascinated you?

If you still cannot find your answers, you may talk to your parents, as they were your partners in crime during your teenage days. You may speak with your friends from your childhood days. They may be the best people to tell you about what you were passionate about then.

Suppose you come to know you are passionate about cooking. Then you can proceed to the next step to continue with your search for your niche.

2.  Finding your talent

Once you have figured out your passion, the next step would be to find if you know about it.

You can verify this by asking yourself, have you done any course with that passion as the subject. If not, have you been reading about it? Have you been implementing anything related to your passion in your life? Are you still enjoying it?

Say I continue the example I mentioned in step 1. Even today, you enjoy cooking. You try out the new recipe now and then. You like to read blogs on cooking. If that is so, then you can select FOOD as your niche for now.

Go to the next step to analyze it further

If your answer is a “NO,” then find out what your talent is. You may consider the subject that you have been studying during your graduation days.

If that doesn’t interest you, think of something you read a lot through books, blogs, websites.

Are you spending your good time in this new interest?

If yes, then you can select that as your niche.

To make it more straightforward, say you liked cooking as a child. But now you don’t enjoy it anymore.

But these days you read a lot of travel blogs. Also, you spend a lot of time traveling. Anytime you are traveling, you will search the web and check for all possible spots that you can visit. You will also try to explore places that do not have received many visitors to date. You take a lot of pictures during your travel of the sites you visit.

So in such a case, you can think of starting a travel blog.

3.  Searching the web

In this step, you need to get started with searching more about your niche on the web. There are many ways that you can begin.

Start with Google as it is the most popular search engine. It has 98% of the market share when it comes to its reach.

Suppose we think of starting a travel blog. Travel is a broad niche, and it will have tough competition from existing websites that have already captured the market.

So now you must try finding out a micro-niche(sub-branch of your niche).

Now how to do that?

Begin with Google search. When you search, you will get several suggestions from Google. These are some of the inquiries made by people when they visit Google.

It will give you suggestions to think about your micro-niche. If you aren’t satisfied, you can continue your search. You can pick up 2-3 micro-niches to compare the demand in the market.

Now you must find out which is more popular. For this visit, Google trends.

You will need to enter the topics you want to compare. You will get visual data that will help you to finalize the niche.

You can select the country you want to target. You also get an option to choose for how much period of data do you need to compare.


It will look something like this.

From the above comparison, you come to know that people worldwide are searching for places to travel in India, rather than travelling abroad.

This change in interest could be because of the threat of Covid 19 that prevails in many countries.

So take a wise decision based on your research.

There are many tools available on the Internet that can help you do market research.

Also, do a search volume check before proceeding to finalize your niche.

Once you have decided on the topic you will start with, don’t wait for anything. Get set, Go!!!

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    I am new to blogging and so I found your article very informative. Thank you.

  2. Murlidhar Rao

    Komal jee,
    Thank you for sharing the effective tips for identifying niche for writing blogs. These tips, I’m sure, will be handy for those aspiring to start blogging.

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